Accuware at RFID Live 2013 Conference

Join us at the 2013 RFID Live Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, April 30 through May 2, booth #138!

RFID Live 2013 ConferenceWe are available to answer your questions about how to harness location technology for global and indoor mobile device positioning, measuring foot traffic flows, and real-time locating system implementation.

Our Specialties

Global Positioning for mobile devices: Our global database of cellular towers and Wi-Fi access point locations provides the tools for businesses to create location-aware mobile apps.  Our popular crowdsourcing and rewards program has attracted a global community of over a million users.

Indoor Positioning: Our products provide accurate indoor positioning for mobile devices, real-time device tracking with floor and room-level accuracy, proximity-triggered actions and tools for analyzing visitor traffic in venues spanning indoors and outdoors.

Our Products

An industry first, our Global Positioning System makes it possible for mobile device users to determine their geographic position by using the location of cell phone base stations and Wi-Fi access points in addition to GPS.

Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor is a hardware-based real-time locating system (RTLS) designed to track the location of active Wi-Fi devices, including smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi tags and custom Wi-Fi devices anywhere inside a building or throughout a campus, with accuracy down to the floor and room level.

Accuware Indoor Navigation  is a software-based system designed for mobile apps to obtain their current position using ambient radio signals.

WiFi Location Monitor’s Proximity Engine functionality enables location-based actions, such as delivering media, triggered by the presence of registered Wi-Fi mobile devices at specific locations of interest.

WiFi Location Monitor’s Analytics functionality measures, logs and displays visitor traffic in real-time and historically over time by counting the number of active Wi-Fi devices nearby.

Accuware Wi-Fi Tags to be used with Accuware location products to enable tracking the whereabouts of people and assets.

Our Company

Accuware, a pioneer and leading provider of location-based services, brings over 10 years of experience to the mobile location market. You will find Accuware at RFID Live booth #138.

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