Big Brother Brasil is back!

Good news! Big Brother Brasil is back!
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Devoted fans know the plot well: a group of complete strangers is brought together to share the Big Brother House for about three months, without any contact with the outside world during that time, while being relentlessly followed by TV cameras.  Participants compete with each other, and are slowly dropped from the competition until only one is left standing.

Produced by Rede Globo, the show has been a running success for many years, becoming the most popular reality TV show and the most talked-about reality-based program in Brazilian TV history.  BigBrotherBrasil 2015 Brothers & SistersThis year’s contestants were chosen through a series of regional contests taking place between May and November.  The new brothers and sisters are now ready to start the new season.

It is clear that the BBB franchise has plucked the right chords with its devoted audience. The Brazilian edition of BBB has not changed much its format over time, continuing to captivate and entertain.  After a successful 2014 season, very few changes were introduced to enhance the winning formula.  Mostly, this year’s task is bringing the audience together to interact as they do in social media.

Keeping an eye on brothers and sisters

Once again, BBB has a Control Room that keeps statistics of each and every contestant: Big Brother Brasil 2015 - Central de Controle e Monitoramento

The Central de Controle e Monitoramento keeps detailed statistics such as actual weight, calories spent over time and steps taken, in addition to each contestant’s whereabouts.

Where is everybody?

Fans will remember last year’s season, Big Brother Brasil 2014 (BBB14). That was when BBB, introduced indoor location technology to follow, in real time, contestants’ movements throughout the Big Brother House, displaying their location on a large online dashboard.  That way, in addition to the ever-present cameras following brothers and sisters everywhere, indoor location tracking gave audiences real-time information about the House and the whereabouts of its denizens.  Who spends time with whom?  Where are they this very minute?

Again, in 2015 all contestants will carry a small electronic tracking device to enable passive, unobtrusive tracking of everyone’s movements over time.  This time, rather than a map of the house, the Control Room displays percentage of time that each brother and sister spends in the various rooms of the house:Big Brother Brasil 2015 - Control Room - Brothers and rooms where they spend time

Who will be the winner this season?  We’ll have to wait and see. The clock is ticking.

The behind-the-scenes story

As before, brothers and sisters carry a RF (Radio frequency) device, a Wi-Fi tag, that enables locating them in real time and tracking their movement over time.

Accuware’s real-time locating system (RTLS), Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor provides location data which is displayed on TV Globo’s website. By combining a RTLS and Accuware Wi-Fi tags, locating and tracking people and resources for entertainment or commerce through a physical space is now possible. Another ingredient of TV Globo’s winning formula.

Accuware CCX Wi-Fi Tags for indoor tracking

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