Case History: Track forklift inside a warehouse, Modani’s project in Miami

Modani, one of the most famous modern and contemporary furniture brands, selects Accuware Dragonfly to track the movements of forklifts inside their warehouse.

Modani, luxury contemporary furniture.

Modani is a famous manufacturer and distributor of contemporary and modern furniture. Modani has stores across the USA and in 2018 has been acquired by Maisons du Monde, in their plan of global expansion.

The main warehouse of Modani is located in Florida, a few miles from Miami. It spreads over about 120,000 sqft and about 20 forklifts operate on the floor.

In order to optimise the operations, reduce accidents and improve the efficiency of the warehouse, Modani has decided to install Accuware Dragonfly on board of each forklift.

Dragonfly, Accurate visual SLAM technology.

Dragonfly is Visual SLAM (vSLAM) technology. It allows robots, drones, machines, vehicles, AGV and mobile devices to get their real time precise location in GPS-denied environments, by just using an on-board camera. No hardware deployed on-site, no expensive LiDAR, no “sensor fusion” required.

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Dragonfly can provide centimeter accuracy and the location is computed in real time, with a refresh rate up to 60 Hz (60 location updates per second).

For this project Accuware provided “Dragonfly Kits” composed of:

The mini pc has been connected to the forklift’s battery and the entire location computation happens on board.

Then, through a local WiFi network, the location data is sent to a central server from which Modani’s operation manager can monitor the real time position of forklifts and can access charts and KPI to evaluate and improve the efficiency of operations.

Installation and Setup

Accuware’s experts have helped Modani to physically install the Dragonfly kit on board of forklifts.

After the installation, a preliminary mapping of the facility has been performed, to create an initial “virtual map” for Dragonfly and to test the quality of the positioning.

With the camera mounted on top of the forklift, pointing towards the ceiling, Dragonfly could deliver the expected level of accuracy: 10 cm (4 inches).

Vibrations and environmental changes do not affect Dragonfly’s performance, making it a reliable and effective technology for forklift tracking inside this specific kind of environments, affected by changes over time due to their nature.

The below video shows Dragonfly at work inside Modani’s warehouse.

KPI and Data Analytics

Accuware has provided a dashboard to analyze the movements of the forklifts in real time, on a floor plan. In addition, historical tracking and data are available, to easily visualize some KPI like the average moving time of each forklift, the distance that has been traveled, speed and risks of collisions with other forklifts, along with a density map to understand the more crowded areas.

Accuware’s R&D team has created a custom application for Modani, which is open to extensions and add-ons, so that new KPIs can be added upon request.


Modani’s team has already started using Dragonfly to improve their operations and increase the efficiency of forklifts. Their warehouse manager uses the data generated to plan optimized routes, shifts and movements on the floor.

Your turn.

If you have a warehouse and would like to implement this technology, it’s time to contact us.

Several companies are adopting Dragonfly in their plan of innovation and it is proven to be a reliable and precise system for forklift tracking. Don’t miss this opportunity and connect now with our experts to discuss your project.

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