Dragonfly Streamer, the fastest way to try Dragonfly, the best visual SLAM technology.

Now there is even an easier and cheaper way to track your Robots and AGVs.

Introducing Dragonfly Streamer.

The Dragonfly Streamer is a small device that makes the use of Dragonfly even easier. 

Each unit (Robot, Drone, Forklift, Vehicle…) can be equipped with one Dragonfly Streamer to become immediately location-aware.

What is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is the best visual SLAM technology that we have ever tried

Thomas J., CTO, Co-Robots

Dragonfly is Visual SLAM (vSLAM) technology. It allows robots, drones, machines, vehicles, AGV and mobile devices to get their real time precise location in GPS-denied environments, by just using an on-board camera. No hardware deployed on-site, no expensive LiDAR, no “sensor fusion” required.

The Dragonfly Streamer is composed of a special fish eye camera and a small built-in computing unit that has our software installed.

This piece of hardware fits in the palm of your hand, and it is so lightweight that you (and your robot) will not know it is even there. 

The Dragonfly Streamer requires a power connection (Micro USB) and a WiFi network to which it can connects to communicate with our server.

In just 4 minutes you can configure the Dragonfly Streamer and you can see the location of the device.

We provide a dashboard to get analytics about the live and historical whereabouts of your robots and vehicles.

How does it work?

Each Streamer is manually pre-calibrated to let you get the highest accuracy (5-10 cm). When you connect the Streamer to your Internet network, our system recognizes the device and a video stream starts to flow.

Our innovative technology, Dragonfly, recognizes the “features” around your site and creates a “point-cloud”, which is a 3D map of your surroundings. This process is called visual SLAM.

As you roam around your venue you can see your location and the seamlessly streamlined map creation of your environment continues to grow automatically. You can then see the location displayed inside our dashboard. Up to 5 centimeters.

What is the Dragonfly Streamer intended for?

You can attach Dragonfly Streamer on any moving platform, be it a Robot, AGV, Forklift, Drone or whatever you can think of.

The Dragonfly Streamer is intended for tests and demonstrations, as it offers limited features and functionalities. For commercial installation we recommend using our Dragonfly Kit.

The Dragonfly Kit is a standalone version of Dragonfly that does not require to communicate with our server and can run completely offline, on board the device. The Dragonfly Kit is the professional way of using Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly Kit can be mounted on any device, robot, forklift, AGV, vehicle, and allows you to get the same high level of accuracy (5-10 cm) plus API, Raw historical data, KPI and metrics, and the ability to upload your own floor plan, too.

Knowing the location of your platform at any given moment (and historically) is crucial for safety, statistics, and business intelligence.

Requirements to use the Dragonfly Streamer

You simply need:

  • 5V – 2A power source (for example, most external phone batteries will be sufficient);
  • A standard micro USB cable;
  • A Wi-Fi network that covers the area you wish to monitor (2 Mbps per Streamer are needed for a proper navigation). 

You probably already have all of these: you can then start using Dragonfly Streamer and get the location of your robots and vehicles.

Beyond the Dragonfly Streamer: alternative architectures for Dragonfly

Dragonfly has three main architectural flavors:

  1. Cloud Based: All the location computation is done in the cloud. WiFi and Internet are required. This is the typical architecture of the Dragonfly Streamer.
  2. Local Server: All the location computation is done on your server. Local WLAN / Intranet is required so that the on-board device can communicate with the local server where Dragonfly runs.
  3. On-Board Processing: All the location computation is done on-board (the powerful computing unit). No wireless connection required. This is an offline solution and is the most common for enterprise level installations. No need for an internet connection and higher reliability of the system. This is the typical architecture of the Dragonfly Kit.

As mentioned, the Dragonfly Streamer works with our Cloud Based solution. This is the data flow:

  • The video stream from the Streamer is sent over your WiFi network directly to our cloud,
  • Dragonfly, on our cloud server, processes the video in real time,
  • The location appears on the dashboard.

This solution is ideal if you would like to quickly test Dragonfly and get an immediate feel about how it can solve your indoor location problems, before switching to the Dragonfly Kit.

Order Dragonfly Streamer Now!

Ordering Dragonfly Streamer is very straightforward and easy, plus you get 30 days of free subscription included to use it as much as you wish during that period, and of course, if you are not happy with it, you can return it within 30 days and get your 100% money back, guaranteed.

Order now, and the Streamer will be delivered to you within 5 – 6 business days.

To place your order, simply go to https://dragonflycv.com/product/dragonfly-streamer/ and click on the “Add to Cart” button.

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