Event attendees find their way around and each other

Seminars held during a trade show or convention are key gatherings that enable attendees to keep up with the latest information in their field. Business seminarEvents are also the place to network and catch up with friends, colleagues and competitors.  Event organizers can leverage location-aware services using branded apps, enabling attendees to find their way around and locate their colleagues, right through their smart phones.

Attendees wishing to find one another can simply load the event’s branded app on their smart phones and take advantage of indoor navigation. During event registration they can identify their phone by its MAC address, and attach their names. Now they can be found within the crowd.

Throughout the convention center Accuware Indoor Navigation, a location-based service,  removes the hassle of navigating this large space. With the aid of Indoor Navigation, the event branded app can display the site’s floor plans with conference rooms, facilities and services clearly labeled. Attendees will have the detailed layout of the conference right on their smart phones. Wherever they are, they won’t be lost.

Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor provides event organizers with additional benefits. With Wi-Fi Location Monitor they can quietly and unobtrusively monitor people flow throughout the site.  Useful insights as to which service areas are most congested or not, and when. The foot traffic flow can be seen in real-time throughout the event. As a bonus, misplaced smart phones may be easily found.  In addition, the location of all event service personnel can be immediately and clearly determined at all times by tracking their smart phones.

Effectively managing large events just got easier with Accuware.

Behind the scenes

Businesses hosting events that attract large crowds indoors, in multi-story buildings and campuses can provide attendees with convenient location services.  Accuware Indoor Navigation is affordable, easy to set up and manage. No wiring is needed to deploy Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor’s nodes, which are simply plugged into standard electric outlets to create a self-configuring network.  Custom floor plans for each event can be easily uploaded  to update any changes.

Individual users benefit from intuitive indoor navigation and the ability to locate their associates quickly and easily. The event’s branded app on their phones uses Indoor Navigation for positioning, delivering room-level accuracy throughout the site.

Even better, Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor gives businesses the ability to track every WiFi enabled smart phone, tablet, and laptop throughout the site, allowing them to collect up-to-the minute information on traffic flows. Now businesses have access to vital marketing information they never had before.

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