Gallery Analytics: visitors at an exhibition

Amsterdam-based artist Jonas Lund creates pieces that combine software, video, photography, installation and performance.

In his own words, “his practice explores the mechanisms that constitute our shared online experiences”. His body of work has examined spaces in contemporary life that are impacted by the digital world, like privacy, collaborative art or the anxieties motivated by being awash in information through digital channels.

He uses custom software and digital technologies to open up spaces and explore connections people are often unaware of.

Gallery Analytics

One of his latest pieces, Gallery Analytics, looks at the dynamics of visitors at a physical space: the Momentum exhibit at the Rewire festival.

The audience is shown metrics (statistics) about visitors walking by and through a physical art gallery, plus a real-time depiction of these visitors’ whereabouts through the space.  This information is made available in a format familiar to online denizens: as Google Analytics charts and graphs.  As a result, viewers are confronted with the realization that their presence at a physical space can be automatically detected and measured, much the same way their online presence can be at any website.  The parallel blurs an often-assumed distinction between the online and physical worlds.

Gallery Analytics will remain at this URL, Gallery Analytics, for the duration of the Momentum exhibit.

The piece includes two views, the Audience Overview:Audience Overview

and the Real-Time view:Real Time View

Using custom software and a system that tracks mobile devices in real-time, Gallery Analytics follows people movements and compiles information about their visit.

Audience Overview

What was the number of visitors per day since the exhibit opened?  How many people walked by?  How many came into the exhibit?  What percentage of them were first-time visitors? What was the average visit duration?  How many works in the exhibit were looked at?

Real-Time View

Visitors move around the gallery throughout the day, standing in front of an exhibit for awhile, then moving on to the next one. Their numbers ebb and flow, as people concentrate in specific areas at given times, then depart.  The overhead view shows dots moving about, capturing movement in real time.Real Time View

Real time data collected includes information about visitors not easily obtainable.Real Time View

Behind the scenes

Gallery Analytics was implemented as a custom Google Analytics dashboard displaying data provided by a real-time locating system and statistics derived from this data.

Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor is a hardware-based real-time locating system (RTLS) designed to track the location of active Wi-Fi devices with accuracy down to the floor and room level.

Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor detects active Wi-Fi devices, such as smart phones and tablets, enabling their locations to be displayed as dots on the floor plan.  Neither direct connectivity to Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor nor installation of mobile apps are required.  Notably, no personally identifiable information is collected from anyone.

Easy-to-deploy and integrate products such as this, provide flexible building blocks for implementing innovative applications in many realms.

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