Hospital staff can find medical equipment, doctors and patients in real time

Doctors and HospitalsHospitals face the daunting task of asset and people management 24 hours a day, often in emergency situations.  They need to keep track of patients, staff, and mobile medical equipment inside buildings and throughout a campus.  How far away is a specific doctor from the ER?  Where is the nearest available EKG machine?  Where is the missing isolate?   Did the patient go for a walk when they needed to have a test?  Where is the patient right now?

Improve patient care and reduce the time and effort required to carry out everyday hospital procedures.  With location awareness technologies, hospital staffers can locate a specific doctor and determine the floor and room where he or she is located right now.  Staffers can pinpoint the exact location of any tagged medical equipment, for usage or even for routine maintenance.  Patients can be found right away, whenever they are needed.  All in real-time.

Location awareness in action

Hospitals can offer their patients improved safety and care by using Accuware Smart Tags or Android wearables for doctor’s badges, patient bracelets, and all mobile medical equipment, in conjunction with Accuware Wearabouts for indoor location. Alternately, Accuware Wi-Fi Tags used with Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor also  provide accurate, real-time location, as well as enabling detailed behavior analysis of visitors.

Used singly or in combination, these technologies provide “the last mile” in location-based services, enabling healthcare facilities to find medical equipment, doctors and patients in real time, accurate to the floor and room level.

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