How can Pedestrian Counts boost Urban Planning and Real Estate development?

Urban planners and real-estate developers need up-to-date information about pedestrian traffic in target areas to make informed decisions.   Urban planning modelExecuting a pedestrian study allows downtown planning associations to understand the foot traffic patterns in their districts. The results can be used to plan streetscape improvements, lease commercial property and secure special event sponsorships.

Planners need reliable data for their marketing efforts to achieve a successful retail mix.  Pedestrian studies help planners establish a baseline for foot traffic on city streets, enabling them to develop marketing insights they can share with their real estate prospects.  Real-time, ongoing data collection can positively impact building plans, marketing, pricing strategies and results over time.

Real estate developers and retail stores owners also need insight from pedestrian traffic counts to make informed business decisions.  Pedestrian counts provide baseline numbers to measure market opportunity and are an important measure of a business district’s vitality and marketing potential.

Accuware Analytics can measure pedestrian traffic in real-time and historically over time.  What is the traffic at 9 AM Monday morning? 12 PM Saturday? last week? last summer?   Accuware Analytics brings continuous data and new intelligence to urban planning decisions.


Accuware WiFi Location Monitor’s Analytics functionality measures foot traffic in real-time and historically over time.  Accuware detects Wi-Fi enabled smart phones and tablets throughout a target area, enabling quiet surveillance of pedestrian traffic volumes.  No personally identifiable information is collected to avoid compromising privacy.

Monitoring foot traffic in a private or public environment, indoors and outdoors, can provide insights about the number of and movement of people.  What volume of pedestrian traffic pass by a given location each day?  What are the peak traffic hours during the day?  Throughout the week?   How does weekday traffic compare with weekend traffic?  How does traffic change between sunny and rainy days?  These are just some of the many questions that Accuware Analytics can help answer.

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