How do I attract customers to my bricks-and-mortar store this holiday season and beyond?

Is your bricks-and-mortar store ready for the coming Holidays? Improve your customers’ shopping experience by offering a great service to navigate your store quickly and easily.  Help consumers find what they are looking for, including the great deals and specials of the day.  All this and more can be done using location-based technologies.

An indoor positioning system enables retailers to provide their detailed floor plans for consumers to view using a branded app. Now, customers  can navigate store aisles quickly and with confidence, get what they are looking for, and check out with lightning speed.

Everyday shopping simplified.  Satisfied customers spread the news on Facebook!

Back story:

Businesses can offer their customers great efficiency by deploying services such as Accuware Indoor Navigation, which provides “the last mile” in location based services: accurate positioning of WiFi-enabled devices indoors including smart phones and tablets.  Implementation of this service is simple; it only requires uploading your store’s floor plan, and performing a site survey (or “training”) of the venue to capture the ambient signals present throughout the store. No hardware or wiring are required.

Accuware Indoor Navigation  presents exciting possibilities to enable customers to navigate big box stores more efficiently while improving their experience.  Everybody wins: consumers love their shopping experience and retailers boost revenue in their bricks-and-mortar stores.

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