How do I find my way in this large sports arena?

Baseball stadiums can be pretty big and imposing.

Baseball crowd

How can I navigate the arena to find my seats more quickly?  How do I find the level where my seats are located? How can I find friends and family members?  Can I find out exactly where the concession stands I prefer are located without walking off in the wrong direction?  So, are you in the mood for freshly made fajitas? Also, where is the closest souvenir shop?

With Accuware Indoor Triangulation System (Wi-Fi Tracker) and the Accuware app on your phone, the hassle of navigating this large space is removed. You and your family or friends can simply load the Accuware app on your smart phone and use Buddy Radar to find one another   If the stadium has installed Accuware Wi-Fi Tracker,  you and your family can easily navigate your way, using Floor Plan views, to find the best concession food stands, souvenirs, or anything else you may be looking for without wasting time.  It may be half-time, but you want to make sure to get back to your seats before the second half begins.  All this can be done with Accuware.

Behind the scenes
Businesses that attract large crowds indoors, in multi-story buildings and complexes, can provide visitors with convenient location services.  Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor is affordable, easy to set up and manage. No wiring is needed to deploy Wi-Fi Location Monitor.  Accuware “nodes” are simply plugged into standard electric outlets to create a self-configuring network.  Custom floor plans for each event can be easily uploaded  to update any changes.

Individual users benefit from intuitive indoor navigation and the ability to locate their associates or family members quickly and easily. The Accuware app on their phones works in conjunction with Wi-Fi Location Monitor, delivering floor and room-level accuracy throughout the site.

Even better, Acccuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor gives businesses the ability to track every Wi-Fi enabled smart phone, tablet, and laptop throughout the site, allowing them to collect up-to-the minute information on traffic flows. Now businesses, including sports arenas, have access to vital traffic flow and marketing information they never had before.

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