Indoor Location at Big Brother Brasil (BBB14)

The new season of Big Brother Brasil  began on January 14, 2014.Big Brother Brasil Logo

Big Brother Brasil, also known as Big Brother, Brazilian Edition, is the biggest and most popular reality TV show in Brazil, and one of the most talked-about in Brazilian TV history.  The current season is BBB14.

Big Brother Brasil 2014 - contestants

Produced by Rede Globo, or simply TV Globo, the show is about a group of complete strangers that share a house for up to three months, relentlessly followed by TV cameras, without any contact to the outside world: no access to TV, radio, computer, phones, newspapers or outside people.  Housemates, referred to as “brothers“, compete with each other, the object being to be the last remaining contestant in the House.

The TV audience follows the brothers’ every move via live video through various websites. They also comment and vote.

BBB14 brings a new dimension to the show: the location of all brothers is monitored in real time with one-meter accuracy.  The audience can now follow everybody’s location throughout the House via a live feed from SALA DE CONTROLE (the Control Room).

Big Brother Brasil 2014 - Sala de controle

Who will be the winner of BBB14?  We’ll just have to keep an eye on everyone, wait for three months and see.  It will be exciting.

Behind the Scenes

How are brothers tracked? Each of them carries an RF (Radio frequency) device, a Wi-Fi tag, that enables locating them in real time and tracking their movement throughout the House over time.

Accuware’s real-time locating system (RTLS), Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor provides indoor location data which is displayed on TV Globo’s website. Viewers can now tell who is by the pool right this minute.  By combining a RTLS and Accuware Wi-Fi tags, locating and tracking people and resources for entertainment or commerce through a physical space is now possible. Another first for TV Globo!


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