Keeping your distance from pandemics

How can companies and governments monitor social-distancing

The deadly Covid19 or the Novel Corona Virus that begun to spread around the world at the first quarter of 2020 caught the whole world by surprise.

Many governments are imposing new rules to try and mitigate the numbers of sick in this horrible pandemic. Flattening the curve is one of the terms coined to show that the health system should lower the number of cases before the whole system collapses.

One way to flatten the curve is to keep social-distancing, which is yet another term that became popular in these times.

The Corona virus mostly travels by air from person to person, so if one keeps enough distance from his friends, colleagues and basically anybody else, the chances of getting sick are reduced drastically.

The 6 feet or 2 meters -apart rule is very important and useful to distant yourself enough. But how can this rule and numbers be checked and enforced.

Most of the the measuring technologies cannot detect people in such accuracy, or do not really deal with the distance between one person or another. Facial-recognition technologies, for example, concentrate mainly on the head area, but will be useless for monitoring large crowds and lines. By the way, the face-recognition technologies are useless with the masks that everybody must wear these days.

So we need a technology that will count the number of people in a certain area, to make sure it is not overcrowded, and to “keep an eye” on the distance between the individuals, that should be at least 6 feet apart.

Enter Sentinel from Accuware!

Sentinel from Accuware, the Tracking and Navigation experts, is a technology for human detection and recognition that can measure the amount of people and their distance from one another in a certain location.

A software integration company or a government can simply utilize most models of the existing CCTV cameras deployed in the venue and track the people there. No need to recognize or look at the face of the person (which is in any case blocked); Only the general body figure is what’s important here. That is enough to count a person and track him, as long as they stay visible and inside the field of view of the camera.


Sentinel can provide a location accuracy of 5-15 cm (2-6 inches) of each person in WSG-84 (latitude, longitude), or as “x, y, z” coordinates, being therefore precise enough to monitor the distance between people. Thanks to multi-person tracking, there is potentially no limit to the number of people that can be simultaneously detected.

Sentinel provides an API for developers so they can integrate this technology inside their custom applications. Any Web or Mobile application, capable of parsing CSV files, can benefit of the data produced by Sentinel’s video analytics.

You can now try out Sentinel, our computer vision based monitoring system for video analytics and human tracking, for free, by yourself and see how people are detected and tracked with our Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network technology. Upload your own relevant video to our test page.

Note that Accuware does not make use or share your videos in any case. A local offline standalone server option of Sentinel is also available for maximum security and privacy.


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