Location technologies aid patients experience in healthcare

Going to a health care facility can be stressful for patients, their families  and visitors.  That is one good reason why there are deliberate efforts made to make these facilities welcoming and cheerful.  Location-based technologies can help by facilitating navigation through the facility, and can help locate family and friends with ease, thereby enhancing patients experience in healthcare settings.

Patients’ Way Finding

In any medium to large size healthcare facility, finding your way to find a specific office, department, or even the location of the nearest elevator or staircase can be daunting for many people.  Particularly for patients with motion impairment of any kind, and family members assisting them.  Hospital hallway

From the moment they park their vehicle somewhere in a parking garage, there are opportunities to facilitate visitors’ finding their way to their destination in the healthcare facility, and then back to their vehicles.  Efficiency and convenience translate into a less stressful experience, and higher satisfaction.

Solution: Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor provides indoor/outdoor navigation using custom floor plans on Accuware’s app. The mobile library (SDK) available for all major smartphone platforms in the market enables creation of custom apps to provide easy navigation through the facility and a vast range of convenience services for visitors.  For example, a custom app may enable visitors to “mark” their parking spot, and later have the system guide them back to their vehicles at the end of their visit and patients to find their way and destination anywhere inside the facility or hospital campus using detailed floor plans and instructions.

People Finding

Navigating using floor plan viewsFor hospital visitors, finding friends or family members in an unfamiliar facility can be simplified using their smartphones.  This may be particularly useful when directly calling others is discouraged for noise avoidance, as during night hours, or simply because smartphone ringers are turned off by regulation.

Solution:  Accuware app provides Buddy Radar and map navigation, functions that enable people to find others by locating their devices on a floor plan or map of the facility.  The mobile library (SDK) enables creation of custom apps to provide a vast range of convenience services for visitors.



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