Navigating the Airport During the Heavy Travel Season

Ah, the bliss of Holiday travel! Getting from here to there by air to see the rest of the family can be daunting.  Crowd at a busy airportIt seems that just about everyone else is on the road too.  Add to the friendly, crowded skies delays, breakdowns, and inclement weather, and you can be in for a difficult journey.

But if you and your family members have an Accuware-enabled app on your smart phones, you can easily find each other in any crowded place, such as the airport departure lounge. And if this airport has deployed Accuware Indoor Navigation, you can easily navigate using floor plan views to find the best shopping amenities, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, convenience stores, pharmacy, duty free shops, and even the quiet solitude of a chapel.

In addition, Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor allows airport administrators to monitor foot traffic flow throughout the building to assess the best locations for the various retail shops. That may enable them to determine, for example, that the fancy pastry shop in terminal 3 is a big draw for folks from other terminals.  Perhaps an expansion plan for that shop into other areas should be evaluated.

As travelers are concerned, Accuware can help you keep track of friends and family, navigate the airport, and find those yummy creamy cupcakes in terminal 3. Accuware can take you there and back.

Behind the scenes

Businesses that attract large crowds indoors, in multi-story buildings and complexes, can provide visitors with convenient location services.  Accuware Indoor Navigation can help deliver wayfinding, while Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor can help measure visitor flow.

Wi-Fi Location Monitor is easy to set up and manage. No wiring is needed to deploy nodes, which are simply plugged into standard electric outlets to create a self-configuring network.  Custom floor plans for each event can be easily uploaded  to update any changes.

Individual users benefit from intuitive indoor navigation and the ability to locate their associates or family members quickly and easily. A custom Accuware-enabled mobile app on their phones can deliver room-level accuracy throughout the site.

Even better, Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor gives businesses the ability to track every WiFi enabled smart phone, tablet, and laptop throughout the site, allowing them to collect up-to-the minute information on traffic flows. Now businesses have access to vital marketing information they never had before.

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