Real-Estate Intelligence for Retail: Where should I locate my store?

There is a lot of information out there about where to locate a retail store.  It could be demographics; it could be the proximity of competitors; or it could be the varying flow of people throughout the day.  People walking throughFor instance, restaurants typically cluster in a downtown area. That’s because restaurant owners need to take advantage of targeted traffic such as customers looking for nearby lunch or dinner options.

Pedestrian traffic is a key indicator for retail success.  It helps determine high traffic locations, the best hours of operation, and the not so good hours.  For example, downtown financial districts attract breakfast and lunch crowds but maybe not dinner crowds.  Movie theatres and bars may however be seeking after-hour traffic. So, how much traffic is there on each hour of each day? And how does traffic change in the summer or winter? At what time does it peak during weekends? One thing is clear, pedestrian traffic has always been a significant determinant of retail success and why it’s always been about location, location, location.

Accuware Analytics can provide valuable insight by measuring pedestrian traffic in real-time and historically over time.  What is the traffic at 9 AM Monday morning? 12 PM Saturday? last week? last month?   Accuware Analytics brings this intelligence to your important real-estate decision.

How to get real-estate intelligence for retail

Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor’s Analytics feature measures foot traffic in real-time and historically over time.  Accuware detects Wi-Fi enabled smart phones and tablets throughout a target area, enabling unobtrusive surveillance of pedestrian traffic volumes without compromising privacy.

Monitoring foot traffic in a private or public environment, indoors and outdoors, can provide insights about the number of and movement of people.  What volume of pedestrian traffic pass by a given location each day?  What are the peak traffic hours during the day?  Throughout the week?   How does weekday traffic compare with weekend traffic?  How does traffic change between sunny and rainy days?  These are just some of the many questions that Accuware Analytics can answer.

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