Sentinel beats most of AI surveillance systems – Video

A study showed that most of AI surveillance systems fail in detecting people in some situations…

An article in the Daily Mail revealed that Video Analytics software for people-tracking can easily fail when a colorful printed patch is in front of a person.

Some engineers from KU Leuven, a university based in Belgium, demonstrated that some people simply become “invisible” to AI video tracking systems when they hold a specially designed patch in front of them. AI tracking systems get confused by the patch and are not able to detect the human.

How would Sentinel work in this case?

Spoiler: Sentinel can detect people also in this situation.

At Accuware we decided to test our own video analytics technology, Sentinel, on the same video, to check the results.

We were curious to see if our technology could perform better than many others on the market in detecting people in particular situations. So, we contacted the engineering team at KU Leuven asking to share the original video so that we could process it. Unfortunately the team said that they were unable to share it.

Therefore we decided then to process the publicly released video, which shows the superimposed tracking identifiers from YOLO2, that fails in detecting the subject with the colorful pattern. YOLO2 is one of the most common technologies used for AI video analytics, and is among the systems that fail in this test.

Sentinel was not trained to detect this specific situation, and we have used the standard configuration and calibration settings we use for our customers.

The result is impressive: Sentinel can detect humans also under this specific condition that tricks most of the other video tracking systems. Below you can check out for yourself.

Do not let your competitors get ahead of you!

If you are already using a video analytics system, or if you are considering integrating one, be sure to make the right choice.

A wise decision is crucial for the future of your company and making successful investments. When it comes to Video Analytics technologies, Sentinel is by far one of the most advanced and best performing technologies on the market.

Sentinel lets you be competitive in a sector that is continuously evolving: Accuware is committed to improve its technologies and deliver high-performing systems to customers. Unlike many competitors, we are open to listen to your specific requirements and we can create a custom and flexible solution based on your real needs, adapting our technology and algorithms to your specific use case and delivering a unique solution for your project.

Sentinel for your Project

If you want an advanced AI Video Tracking technology, if you want to get a successful experience with an advanced system, do not hesitate to contact us.

At Accuware we can deliver the right technology for your requirements and we provide consulting services as well in order to deliver customized projects and software. Our team will be delighted to speak with you.

Do you prefer to have an on-site demonstration?

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