Tracking customers inside a retail store using computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (with Video)

One of the main problems of Retail Stores is to measure traffic and understand how people move throughout the space.

In this context, some of our customers have decided to use our innovative Intelligent Video Tracking technology, Sentinel.

Sentinel is a computer vision technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to process videos from existing Video Cameras (CCTV cameras) installed in the venue. Sentinel is able to detect and identify people: it can be used to track the presence of people, analyze footfall, and collect the precise location of each customer.



Modani Store

One of our clients, Modani, in Miami, Florida, has been one of the first customers to use Sentinel to monitor the location and presence of customers, and track their behavior inside the store.

Modani has installed multiple cameras throughout the store to measure the traffic and analyze the movements of customers.

Modani, modern and contemporary furniture

Modani Furniture is a worldwide famous brand for high-end modern and contemporary furniture. Modani focuses on simple geometric shapes rather than the heavy ornamentation typically found in traditional or contemporary furnishings.

Each piece of furniture is designed to be personal: Modani sources beautiful materials from around the world, such as raw-edge acacia wood, stainless steel, nickel or aluminum, velvet, suede, and silk to create furniture profiles that are transitional.

Modani has several stores across the United States and their Miami retail space has been equipped with Sentinel video tracking for several years.

Tracking customers inside the store brought several benefits


Customer behavior insights

The first and main advantage of using retail analytics is that they provide tangible and actionable insights about customers’ behavior.

Handling the aspects of a business becomes way easier when one knows how to measure the return on investment. Retail analytics makes it possible. Retail analytics gives a highly accurate picture to retailers of what works and what doesn’t: this becomes crucial when trying to understand the customers’ response to a product or to a marketing campaign.

Improving Marketing ROI

As mentioned above, retail analytics helps in measuring the return on investment (ROI) across various aspects of business management.

Therefore, Analytics can have a deep impact on enhancing the ROI from marketing endeavors. A store manager can measure the effect of in-store influences and modifications on purchase patterns, so he can alter future campaigns accordingly.

He can focus on effective campaigns and plan marketing initiatives based on what triggers specific customers’ actions.

Optimizing In-Store Operations

In-store analytics offer a strong understanding of the consumer behavior. Tracking the shopping patterns and analyzing dwell times can reveal several opportunities for all types of retail operations, from individual stores to large shopping malls. Managers can change the layout to be more attractive, can plan the service delivery quality that customers like the most and the product placements that draw maximum attention.

With these KPI at hand, retailers can manage the best staffing options, the most attractive design techniques and the best selling tactics, based on real data.

Enhancing Loyalty

Retail analytics helps in understanding the relationship between a store and its visitors, by giving useful insights into customer behavior.

It helps the retailer to get the right information across to the desired recipient and ensure a nice shopping experience for the buyer. By personalizing marketing content based on the customers’ response, retailers are able to showcase the relevant products and offers to the most responsive audience, therefore increasing the propensity in them to buy.

This also increases the brand perception with the customers who feel valued. As a consequence, this positively affects the loyalty that they feel towards the brand.

Managing the Basics

Retail analytics plays a crucial role in improving the efficiencies in daily business management.

Predictions based on analytics let the retailer take immediate actions for decision-making on stocking, tracking, and restocking SKUs on a convenient and regular basis. Keeping a track of how often a particular product is sold, sellers can predict and analyze the trends that are dominant in the current market. This insight can help identify the most popular items, concentrating on these and similar products to improve the lateral sales.

Sentinel Video Tracking Technology

Modani has installed several CCTV cameras to use Accuware Sentinel: Sentinel is an intelligent video tracking system that enables all kinds of retail analytics.

Sentinel makes it possible to build solutions and software to analyze visitors’ behavior by following the movements of people inside venues and stores, identifying and tracking them by their visual appearance.

Sentinel provides API and raw CSV files that can be integrated into analytic systems, and Accuware’s partners can also deliver an end-user application for retail analytics, if required.

Watch this video to understand how Sentinel Works

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