Accuware Bluetooth Beacon Tracker is a real-time tracking system designed for tracking Bluetooth Low Energy devices (from now on BLE devices) inside multi-floor buildings. The BLE devices are very tiny transmitters with a very long battery life (years) that can be used for assets and people tracking. The Accuware server estimates the BLE devices locations in the area of interest by trilaterating the data collected by Bluetooth Low Energy nodes (from now on BLE nodes).


Compatible BLE devices: at present Bluetooth Beacon Tracker can track only BLE devices compatible with the iBeacon standard. More information about the BLE devices can be found in this page.

Overview of the setup steps

Here is an overview of the steps that must be performed to setup Bluetooth Beacon Tracker:

  1. Read the support pages about the BLE nodes, the BLE devices and the Accuracy. Those support pages will allow you to understand from the very beginning the potential of this technology.
  2. Plan the installation by computing the correct amount of BLE nodes needed for your specific project and by defining the best deployment for the BLE nodes.
  3. Choose a reference system that will help you to accurately position the BLE nodes on the Accuware dashboard. In fact, the locations, of the BLE devices, returned by the Accuware Bluetooth Beacon Tracker engine are based on the relative distances between the BLE nodes and this is why a reference system is absolutely necessary in order to place the BLE nodes inside the Accuware dashboard in correspondence of their real positions.
  4. Install one or multiple BLE nodes physically in your environment and virtually inside the Accuware dashboard.
  5. Test Bluetooth Beacon Tracker.
  6. Integrate the Bluetooth Beacon Tracker data inside your Web or Mobile application by using the Accuware Bluetooth Beacon Tracker RESTful API.

No platform specific library or SDK is required. Any Web or Mobile application capable of using RESTful API can retrieve the locations of all the Bluetooth Beacons detected.

Next step

Accuware Bluetooth Beacon Tracker supports 3 different types of BLE Nodes, and we suggest considering the latest version (V3). If you need the documentation about:

  • OLD BLE nodes (V1) with external antenna and with WiFi interface please refer to this page.
  • BLE nodes (V2) without external antennas and with WiFi interface please refer to this page.
  • BLE nodes (V3) with external antenna, Ethernet interface and WiFi interface please refer to this page.

Support requests

In order to get the most out of this technology, please read carefully the whole documentation available at the links above. If you have problems or doubts, please submit a support request using this form. We will be pleased to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of the Accuware technologies!