The following documentation describes the Accuware CCX Wi-Fi tag specification and safety information. Read, understand, and follow all safety information contained in these instructions before using the tags. CCX tags are unidirectional and have better battery lifetime than bidirectional tags.


The Accuware Compact Wi-Fi tags enable the tracking of persons and assets based on IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi protocol. Each Wi-Fi tag has a unique 48-bit MAC address as its ID. It transmits IEEE 802.11b signal periodically. The transmit interval is set to 2 seconds (but it can be changed by the factory). When a Wi-Fi tag is attached to a person or an object, the Wi-Fi signals transmitted by the Wi-Fi tags are detected by the nodes, that will send each tag’s RSS and MAC address to the Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor server. The applications include theme parks, underground mine, factory, logistic center, hospital, elder care center, shopping center, and etc..

Accuware CCX Wi-Fi tag indoor tracking


The Wi-Fi CCX compact tags keep transmitting as long as they have charge. They can’t be turned OFF.

  • Button: there are two buttons:
    • top button: when the button is pressed the tag transmits a signal with a special bit. This information can be retrieved through the “station” API call (see example below).
    • side buttonat present the side button is not active.
  • USB port: for battery recharge, connect to USB charger or computer USB port using a USB mini 8 pin cable (not included in the package).
  • Battery: the Wi-Fi Compact Tags have an internal battery that must be periodically recharged. When the LED of the Wi-Fi Compact Tag flashes in red, put it under charge in order to preserve the battery lifetime. If the tag’s battery remains without charge for a long period of time, it might not work anymore. A full charge cycle takes about 3 hours.
  • LED information:
    • Red ON: when button is pressed;
    • Green ON: when it is under recharge;
    • Green is off: when recharge is done;
    • Red flash: when it has low power.
  • Low power alarm: when the battery is low, the tag sends signal with special bit. This information is not collected by the nodes at present.
  • Motion sensor (accelerometer): when the tag is moving, the tag transmits a signal with a special bit. This information can be retrieved through the “station” API call (see example below).


The tag can be carried by a person or attached to an object. For the best result, the tag should not be blocked by metal or human body. The tag’s MAC address is used as ID for the registration inside the Accuware dashboard. When under emergency, a person can push the top button on the tag and this information can be visualized inside the Accuware dashboard or using the Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor “station” API (as explained below).

Safety information

  • Please do not use the Wi-Fi tag in an environment with hazardous gas.
  • Please keep the Wi-Fi tag away from water or rain.


Size83mm X 38mm X 8mm
MaterialABS (*)
ColorDark Grey (*)
Operating Temp.-20℃ ~ +60℃

PowerRechargeable battery
Working Voltage3.1V - 3.7V
Battery Capacity300mAh
Battery Life~2,5 months when transmitting on 1 channel every 4 seconds (**)
Tx Power50mW
Transmission frequency2.4GHz
Transmission protocolIEEE 802.11b (transmit only)
2.4 GHz WiFi channel one or multiple channels - it can be set before the purchase
Transmission interval/frequencyit can be set before the purchase
Transmission rate1 Mb/s
Low Power Alarm < 3.44V

(*) can be set at the factory 
(**) battery life can be increased by lowering the TX frequency and/or chosing a lower amount of channels.

Purchase the CCX Wi-Fi Tags.

The CCX Wi-Fi Tags can be purchased from us using this form.


  • Under normal condition and proper usage, the tag has one-year warranty since the date of purchase.
  • After one year warranty and within three years since the date of purchase, a defected tag may be returned for repair. If the tag is repairable, parts cost will be charged.
  • A tag will not be covered by warranty if the tag is not used properly, i.e., the tag outside, or inside, or the tag board has visual damage, water marker, loosen parts.


If you are not able to see the fresh location of your Wi-Fi tags inside the Accuware dashboard or using the Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor station API there could be different reasons:

  • battery: the Wi-Fi tag is out of battery. By charging it (Compact tags) or by replacing the battery (Wristband tags), you will be able to solve this issue.
  • channel: your Open Mesh nodes are collecting the Wi-Fi traffic on a channel different compared to the one used by the tags (which is channel 6). After changing the channel of the nodes using the Cloudtrax dashboard you should start seeing your compact tag.

Get the location of your Compact tag

When the Wi-Fi tag is moving you will see a yellow blinking dot inside the Accuware dashboard. When you press the top button you see a red blinking dot inside the Accuware dashboard. By clicking on the Wi-Fi tag dot inside the Accuware dashboard, you can see the same information regarding the motion sensor and the top button. You can get the status of the top button and the motion sensor also using the Accuware “station” API call described here.


Retrieve location and RSS information about the Wi-Fi tag station with MAC address B08E1A300A29 from siteId=”1001″:

curl -u username:password

The result is a JSON Object:

   "name":"White - Tag 29",
  • “button1” equal to 47 means that the top button has been pressed 47 seconds ago.
  • “motion” equal to 6 means the Wi-Fi tag has been seen moving 6 seconds ago.