Normally the Dragonfly Java Application runs on a PC that process in real-time the video coming from a camera. So, the setup of a production instance of the Dragonfly engine requires a bit of efforts and a dedicated hardware. For this reasons, to easier the test of Dragonfly, we have built 3 powerful demo Apps to help you assess the extent to which Dragonfly technology meets your needs for very accurate positioning in locations where GPS is not available, not reliable or not enough precise:


Dragonfly Demo App – for Android

Dragonfly Demo App – for iOS

Dragonfly Demo Web Application – for your browser


The advantage of the 3 demo Apps is that the requirement of a powerful dedicated hardware is not needed anymore because all compute-intensive processes are outsourced to the Dragonfly engine running on the cloud. Basically the video stream coming from the camera (on board of your smartphone/tablet or available on your PC) is sent to the Dragonfly cloud server where it is processed and sent back to you along with the position computed.

The geo-referencing (latitude, longitude and altitude) is omitted inside the mobile and web demo Apps. Instead, the determined 3D coordinates are displayed in an un-dimensioned XYZ plot “as is”. Except the installation of the Dragonfly Demo App, no further client-side installation is necessary. For the Dragonfly Demo Web Application not even this is required.