Floor plans provide reference points inside a building, such as the location of walls, rooms, hallways, elevators, staircases, atriums, windows and doors. These reference points are essential for identifying specific areas in a venue, and therefore, for determining location. If you are planning to integrate inside your application the maps built with Micello, then you have to import into the Accuware dashboard the floor plan image built with Micello and available in your Micello account following the steps described below.

Import process

Access the Accuware dashboard at this page, supply the credentials contained in the email from Accuware Activation email and press the Login to Dashboard button. Once authenticated you will be automatically re-directed to the Sites section of the General tab and the information of your first site will be displayed.

Multiple levels: use the logical mechanism of the Levels to separate the floor plans based on:

  • their vertical positions (e.g. floor plans of different levels of the same store).
  • or their different locations (e.g. floor plans of different stores of the same shopping mall).

You can create more levels (and later, add one and only one floor plan to each level) by following these steps:

  1. Select General > Levels.
  2. Click on the Add Level button.
  3. Select the Level ID and assign a Name and a Description (optional).
  4. Click on Save.

Using the Accuware dashboard it is possible to create up to 30 Levels (in addition to the Level 0). Additional levels can be created using a PUT API call available under the API – reference page of each technology.

  • Click on General > Floor Plans
  • Click on New Micello Map button.
  • Accuware metadata:
    • (optional) Name and Description: assign a name and a description to the floor plan.
    • Level: choose the level in which you want to upload the floor plan.
  • Micello metadata:
    • API Key: insert a valid API Key generated inside the Micello dashboard.
    • Map ID: insert the ID of your Micello maps.
    • Level ID: insert the ID of your Micello level.
  • Click on Preview.
  • Click on Save.

At the end of the upload process, the page will display the floor plan just uploaded in the table above the map.

Error message “Cannot download the map from Micello’s server”: this error message is due to the fact that the PNG Image Files or the GeoJSON Files  are disabled for your Micello’s account. This problem can be solved quickly by getting in touch with the Micello Support and ask them to  “enable the PNG Image Files and GeoJSON Files for your Micello’s account”.