How to add a new user to a Accuware site?

In order to add new users to a Accuware site, you need to follow these simple steps:
  1. Access the Accuware dashboard at this link using your current credentials.
  2. Select the site for which you want to add a new user (if you have only one site, you will be logged in automatically in that site).
  3. Select the General > Accounts.
  4. Click on the button Add Account.
  5. Add the email address of the new user and set the Access level (IMPORTANT: the initial password for the new account will be an EMPTY string. In order to change the password the new user need to follow the steps described in this article).

Access Levels: Users with Read-Only access are not allowed to make changes to the site, while users with Read-Write access can modify data regarding nodes (when available) and stations. Full control access is required to create and delete user accounts within a specific site.