Are there any security and data privacy concerns when using Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor?

Accuware Inc. is a technology provider company. We provide different smart and innovative solutions that are used by other companies for different purposes. We take all necessary measure to comply with the US laws in terms of privacy and we ask that our customers do the same.

Our system does not invade in people’s privacy, unless it is used for a purpose other than what it was designed for. We give all the tools to protect people’s privacy. With our solution you can only get the MAC addresses of the Wi-Fi active devices in your area, and their position, but you can not match this information to a specific user/visitor.

The MAC address is an unique identifier assigned to network interfaces, for communications on the physical network segment, and is built-in the devices. It is a sequence of numbers and letters, and is the “serial number” of the Wi-Fi module of the device. Every device that connects to an IEEE 802 network (such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi) has an unique MAC address. Common consumer devices use MAC addresses too, including every PC, smartphone or tablet computer able to connect to a network. The MAC address does not reveal any kind of personal information, and can only be used to identify the manufacturer of the Wi-Fi module of the device detected.

Further more, what we can suggest, is to advise visitors of the presence of a Wi-Fi tracking solution: you could display a sign that states: “This area is under surveillance by Wi-Fi monitoring equipment.” In the same way as in area monitored with CC-tv. Keep in mind that our solution itself, anyway, is way less intrusive than a CC-tv monitoring, since you will have access only to MAC addresses of the devices, but you cannot relate them to a specific user, unless he explicitly agrees to give you his personal information.