Are your cloud based services secure?

Our cloud based services are secure and we value the privacy of our customers. This means that data for each site:

  • can be accessed ONLY by authenticated users. No one else is able to access your account (except for the Accuware Technical Support when explicitly requested).
  • can be accessed using HTTPS protocol.
  • are kept private. We DO NOT sell, share or distribute any information with 3rd parties.

Furthermore, upon request, we can provide the log of the IP addresses that made calls to the API of your site.

What is stored on the Accuware cloud servers for each site

  • For all the products
    • list of authorized username (identified by their email addresses). For additional security, all the password are hashed. This means that it is not possible to retrieve the password of a specific username. If a password is lost it can be only reset to the empty default password upon request.
    • list of floor plans.
    • list of levels.
    • list of Names and Descriptions associated to the MACs and pMAC of devices, WiFi nodes, BLE beacons.
    • list of geo-fences.
  • For Dragonfly, WiFi Location Monitor and Bluetooth Beacon Tracker
    • locations of all the devices detect in the last 2 hours – accessible through 2 API calls.
    • (OPTIONALLY) list of all the devices detected during an entire day – accessible as a CSV file.
  • For Indoor Navigation, Indoor Tracking and Wearabouts
    • (OPTIONALLY) radio fingerprints.
    • (OPTIONALLY) camera fingerprints.
    • (OPTIONALLY) locations of all the devices that sent radio signals or images to the Accuware server during the past X days.

However, if this is still not enough for your required level of security, and if you would like to have all the data stored on your server, we can also provide our standalone enterprise installation, which does not rely on our cloud server, but can be run on your server. Please contact us to learn more about this option.