Can I track the indoor location of my embedded devices using Accuware Indoors?

Yes, you can do it. These are the prerequisites that MUST be met by your custom/embedded device:

  • it has a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth chip.
  • it can be configured to scan and detect the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio signals inside the environment every 5 seconds.
  • it can be configured to issue this API call every 5 seconds to report the list of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio signals and RSS.

If these prerequisites above are met then you need to setup Accuware Indoor Tracking following carefully the instructions inside this page. Once Accuware Indoors is setup and your embedded device is active, the Accuware Indoors server will receive the list of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio signals and RSS detected and will compute the location of your embedded device. The location will be available through this API call.