How can I log remotely the location of a device that is using an App compiled with the Indoor SDK set in NAVIGATION mode?

Accuware Indoor Tracking calculates the positions remotely, on the Accuware server, and the Accuware server makes them available through this API call. Despite this, Indoor Tracking does not make use of the inertial sensors of the device, and the locations computed are less accurate compared to those computed by Indoor Navigation.

Accuware Indoor Navigation computes the location of the device on the device itself, but it does not have a function to automatically send the location computed to a remote server. Despite this, you can easily create a mechanism to log remotely the locations computed by Indoor Navigation. You need:

  1. A function within your App that perform periodically the following 2 actions:
    1. collects the locations calculated by the Indoor Navigation engine.
    2. sends the locations to your server along with the ID of the device.
  2. A script on your server able to receive the locations and ID sent by the App.
  3. A database to store the location data and the IDs of each device that is running your App.

Please consider that it is possible to log the location of users only when they are actively using the app (but not when the app is closed, in background, or in sleep mode).