Can Wi-Fi location Monitor, Indoors and Wearabouts be combined seamlessly in the same site?

Yes, Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor, Indoors and Wearabouts can can be combined seamlessly in the same site allowing you to do all these things at the same time:

  • monitor the location of all the Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your area – Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor.
  • provide navigation to Android and iOS devices – with an application compiled with the Indoors SDK set in NAVIGATION mode.
  • provide navigation and track Android and iOS devices – with an application with the Indoors SDK set in TRACKING mode.
  • provide navigation and track any kind of device – with an application that makes use of the Indoors API.
  • track Android devices – with the Wearabouts App installed.
  • track assets and people – that are carrying the Smart Tags.

If you provide us with some details about your specific project we will be pleased to help you find the best solution in order to reach your objectives!