How to calibrate the compass of a smartphone/tablet?

For the correct behavior of the Accuware Indoor Navigation engine, the compass of the device must be calibrated. If the compass is not calibrated it can happen that your location heads toward a wrong direction.

The accuracy of digital compass headings can be affected by magnetic or other environmental interference, including interference caused by:

  • casings used to protect the smartphone/tablet.
  • electronic devices.
  • electromagnetic fields.

This is why the compass may need to be calibrated from time to time. The simplest way to check if your compass is calibrated is to use the built-in maps application of your smartphone/tablet.

Calibrate the compass – on iOS

  1. Enable the Compass Calibration service:
    • Click on the Settings icon.
    • Select Privacy.
    • Select Location Services.
    • Select System Services.
    • Turn Compass Calibration ON.
  2. Open the built-in Maps App and follow the on-screen prompts to get an accurate location reading.
  3. Press the lower left side arrow till it points up.
  4. If your compass is not calibrated, a Calibration Circle screen will pop-up and you will be able to calibrate the compass by filling out that circle with figure 8 movements in the air.
  5. At the end of this process you will note that the blue line of sight in the Maps application is pointing to the correct direction.
  6. Your compass is calibrated.

Calibrate the compass – on Android

  1. Open the Google Maps App and follow the on-screen prompts to get an accurate location reading.
  2. Notice the small blue arrow besides your blue dot location. Make sure it is pointing to the right direction.
  3. Turn around see if it follows your direction.
  4. If it is not, please follow the simple instructions at this link.