How to collect and export data regarding the devices detected

There are 2 ways to collect and export data from Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor and Bluetooth Beacon Tracker.

Real-time data

If you need real-time data you can think about developing a solution based on the Accuware Synchronous API. You need to create a script that makes calls to the Synchronous API every 5 seconds and stores (inside a log file or a database) the list of devices (MAC addresses) detected.

Frequency of the calls to the Synchronous API: it is not useful to call the Synchronous API, more than once every 5 seconds. Why? Because the locations of the devices detected and returned by our API do not change within those 5 seconds windows. So, making calls with an higher frequency would be only a waste of resource on your side and on our side. The nodes scan the environment for traffic and send data to our Accuware server every 5 seconds and we can not change this parameter.

Historical data

If you do not need real-time data, we have a service that does all the work for you. Please take a look at this page.