How to switch from GPS location to Indoors location and vice-versa

You can create an App that allows users to navigate from a point A (an outdoor location) to a point B (an indoor location) and vice versa. This can be done by using the device core location engine when the device is located outdoor and the location provide by the Accuware Indoors SDK when the device is located indoor. To do so you need to:

  1. start the core location engine (using the related function available for Android/iOS) and the Accuware engine (using a function available inside the Accuware SDK).
  2. compare the radius of confidence of the 2 locations.
  3. choose the location with the best radius of confidence.

When moving from indoor to outdoor, the moment of transition between the location provided by the Accuware Indoors engine and the location provided by the core location can be identified by catching the error:

  • “Indoors core error – Outside trained area” when the SDK is set to use the NAVIGATION mode.
  • Indoors core error – Could not retrieve position. Server could not resolve your scans” when the SDK is set to use the TRACKING mode.