How much data do the Open Mesh nodes use?

The Open Mesh Wi-Fi infrastructure is mostly passive and generates a little amount of traffic: a report every 5 seconds with the list of MAC address and RSS detected by each one of the nodes. This means that the amount of data transmitted from the Open Mesh nodes to the Accuware servers, is proportional to the number of Wi-Fi devices detected in the environment.

To provide some real numbers​ regarding each report:

  • A report with 1 [devices] weighs 25 [bytes].
  • Each node produces 720 [reports/hour].


Assuming an average number of Wi-Fi devices detected equal to 40 [devices] every 5 seconds the amount of data transmitted by each node every hour is: 720 [reports/hour] x 1000 [bytes/report] / 1024 [bytes/KB] = ~700 [KB/hour] = ~0.7 [MB/hour]​ for each node.​

Since the volume of data consumed varies depending on how many devices are actually seen by each node, if every node sees an average of 20 [devices], the reports will weigh about 500 bytes and all the previous calculations should be halved.

However, the calculations above do not take into account the data that the nodes send to Cloudtrax (not many) and the overhead of the HTTP protocol.

The number of Wi-Fi devices detected in real-time by each node can be checked by by looking at:

  • the Devices in Range column of the Nodes table of the Accuware dashboard.
  • the LRNE field of the JSON returned by this API