Is it possible to send a notification (SMS/email) when a device is detected within a specific area?

The Accuware technologies (Wi-Fi Location Monitor, Indoors in TRACKING mode and Wearabouts for Android devices and for Smart Tags) provide the location (latitude, longitude and level) of one or multiple devices through an API. On top of the locations provided by our API it is possible to build any kind of application logic (e.g. a service that sends an SMS or an email when the coordinates (lat/long) of a Smart Tag are within a specific area).

Anyway we have also a “ready to use” notification’s engine called Accuware Proximity Engine. The Accuware Proximity Engine can be used to send email, SMS and trigger URL callbacks based on the detection of Wi-Fi enabled devices (smartphone, tablets, laptop, CCX Tags and Smart Tags) that do not need to run any specific application (they need simply the Wi-Fi turned ON). To learn more about the Accuware Proximity Engine please contact us.