What are the requirements to run the standalone version of the Accuware WiFi Location Monitor?

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Setup steps

In order to run the standalone version of Accuware WiFi Location Monitor:

  1. you need to provide to Accuware the SSH access (username, host name/IP, password) to your server with the requirements outlined in the next paragraph.
  2. we install the Accuware software on your server remotely and perform the necessary tests (this takes usually no more than 2 days).
  3. we install the Accuware firmware on the OM2P nodes. This special version of the Accuware firmware will be customized so that the OM2P nodes will send the reports (about the Wi-Fi devices detected) to your server (identified by its IP address) through the Intranet (a local network). This means that there must be gateway nodes (connected to the Intranet with an Ethernet cable) and repeaters (nodes that will mesh with other repeaters and gateways) as in the cloud version of the Wi-Fi Location Monitor installation.

…and your are ready to go!


  • Once the setup steps above are done your server doesn’t strictly need a permanent access to the Internet (it can work completely offline). SSH access is needed during the setup steps described above and in case of upgrades and maintenance (planned in advance with the customer to minimize any possible downtime).
  • Without access to the Internet, the OM2P nodes won’t be able to report their status to the Cloudtrax server. The Cloudtrax dashboard can’t be used to check the status of the OM2P nodes or to change the parameters of the mesh network.
  • If you connect to the server with a PC/laptop and you want to use the Accuware dashboard, your PC/laptop will need access to the Internet otherwise it won’t be possible to see the Google Maps.

Hardware requirements

From a technical standpoint in order to run the standalone version of the Accuware technologies, you need to provide us access to a server with the following requirements:

  • OS: a Linux distribution installed on it (e.g. CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu…).
  • CPU: a quad core processor capable of producing at least 8 computing units as defined here. Xeon or i7 processors are the best choices at present.
  • Memory: 16 GB of RAM.
  • Storage: 250 GB HDD storage (consider that if you plan to store logs of the server activity or collect raw data for historical analysis, you might require additional space). A good performance boost can be given by an SSD storage.

Those below are examples of servers that meet the requirements above:

Your server can be a physical (or virtual) machine:

  • hosted by your company.
  • hosted by your preferred cloud computing provider (at this link you can find an updated list of the most reliable cloud computing providers).

Capacity information

​The requirements above are enough to track ​up to 100.000 devices inside a Accuware site with up to 1000 nodes

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