Why there are some MAC addresses almost identical to the MAC addresses of the Open Mesh nodes?

Using the Accuware dashboard it could be that at some point you will notice, inside the Other Devices table of the Devices section of the Accuware dashboard, some MAC addresses that start with AC:86:74:XX:XX:XX. You need to know that the Open Mesh nodes have multiple network interfaces:

  • one network interface identified by the MAC address printed on the bottom of each node that is used by the Open Mesh node as a unique identifier during the transmission of the information to our Accuware cloud server (this is the MAC address that is added into the Cloudtrax and Accuware dashboard during the setup of the system).
  • another network interface that is used by the nodes to broadcast their SSIDs (represented by the ORANGE dots in the Accuware dashboard).

You can simply forget about the ORANGE dots with MAC addresses that start with AC:86:74:XX:XX:XX.​ Those ORANGE dots will be hidden in the next version of the Accuware dashboard. Those additional network interfaces are not listed among the list of Wi-Fi devices reported by the Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor API and the Accuware CSV service.

Locations of the MAC addresses that start with AC:86:74:XX:XX:XX: the fact that the locations of the ORANGE dots with MAC addresses that start with AC:86:74:XX:XX:XX are not nearby the location of the GREEN nodes is not a symptom of a system malfunction and it is not a measure of the accuracy of your Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor installation.