The very first step to deploy the Accuware technologies is the choice of a reference system. A reference system is absolutely needed to:

  • place the nodes inside the Accuware dashboard during the setup of Wi-Fi Location Monitor and Bluetooth Beacon Tracker.
  • place the visual markers inside the Accuware dashboard during the setup of Dragonfly.
  • perform the fingerprinting process during the setup of Wearabouts, Indoor Navigation and Indoor Tracking.

You can chose among the following reference systems:

  1. A floor plan image uploaded using the Accuware dashboard.
  2. A floor plan image imported from Micello.

If you don’t have a floor plan, then you have to create your floor plan using your preferred graphic editor.

1 – Floor plan image uploaded using the Accuware dashboard

Floor plans provide reference points inside buildings, such as the location of walls, rooms, hallways, elevators, staircases, atriums, windows and doors. These reference points are essential for identifying specific areas in a venue, and therefore, for determining the location. Unfortunately, floor plan images (e.g. JPG, PNG files) don’t carry their geolocation information but fortunately, using the Accuware dashboard it is possible to upload a floor plan image and re-size it. You have 2 options to upload a floor plan image:

  • Using the Accuware dashboard as explained step by step in this page (easy and fast).
  • Using a KML file created with Google Earth, as explained in this page.

2 – Floor plan image imported from Micello

If you are planning to integrate inside your application the maps built with Micello, then you have to:

  1. create a floor plan with Micello.
  2. ask to your Micello account manager to “enable the PNG Image Files and GeoJSON Files for your Micello’s account”. This is absolutely needed in order to import the Micello’s maps inside the Accuware dashboard. Otherwise an error will be returned during the import process! The status of the Micello products active for your account can be checked from this page.
  3. import into the Accuware dashboard the floor plan image built with Micello and available in your Micello account following the steps described in this support page.