The availability of Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor depends on several related factors. This page lists all the parties involved and their responsibilities.

Open Mesh access points

The hardware part is not under our responsibility. Open Mesh (or the distributor) is responsible for the warranty related to the nodes. If a gateway is defective, all the nodes, connected to that gateway, will lose the Internet connection and will not be able to communicate to the Accuware server. This is one of the reasons why we recommend always to add more than one gateway into the mesh network.  However we would like to underline that our customers have never encountered any kind of physical defect on the Open Mesh nodes during the past 5 years. All the information about the nodes can be found inside this page.

Electricity and the Internet connection

The electricity and the Internet connection availability is not under our responsibility. You/your customer are responsible for them. If a gateway is turned off or if it loses the Internet connection, all the nodes, connected to that gateway, will lose the Internet connection and will not be able to communicate to the Accuware server. The same thing will happen obviously in the event of a complete black-out. Unfortunately the amount of storage on the Open Mesh nodes is very limited and it does not allow caching data.

All our customers with the same concerns related to the Internet connection opted for these solutions:

  1. some customers purchased a Standalone version of Accuware Wi-Fi location monitor (this is explained in one of the next paragraphs). The gateway nodes will exchange data with a local sever (on which is running the Accuware WiFi Location Monitor software) and you won’t have to worry anymore for data being lost due to the drop of the Internet connection.
  2. other customers purchased one of the many devices capable of sharing a 4G/LTE Internet connection through an Ethernet port (RJ45 port) in order to be completely independent from the Internet connection provided inside buildings not under their control. At this link you can find some examples. Before purchasing we suggest to double-check with the seller if the data connection can be shared through the Ethernet port. To let you evaluate and purchase the best data plan for your SIM card please keep in mind that each Open Mesh node transmits on average about 0.7 MB/hour in a crowded environment.

Internet connection: if you have problems that could be related to the the Internet connection, you should look at this page.

Open Mesh firmware

The reliability of the Open Mesh firmware is not under our responsibility. Open Mesh releases new firmware upgrades only after several months of testing. They have hundred thousands of customers spread all around the world and this means that the firmware upgrades are always bulletproof. They can not afford a downtime of hundred thousands networks all around the world for a small oversight.

Some of the parameters of the Cloudtrax dashboard account have been pre-configured by the Accuware engineers with values that are compatible with the use of Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor. Changing these settings might cause Accuware firmware to stop working or might cause some accuracy problems. You can modify some of the settings but you MUST leave the following parameters as-is:

  • Configure > Radio > Transmit Power – leave it to 26 dBm for 2 reasons:
  • Configure > Maintenance > Automatic Upgrades – leave this switch OFF. In order to prevent any problem we prefer to upgrade your Cloudtrax firmware to the latest version ONLY when we can ensure a 100% of compatibility with the Accuware firmware.
  • Configure > Advanced > server – leave this text field as-is.
  • Configure > Radio > Channels – leave it to Manual and choose a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel according to the information reported inside this page

PLEASE READ: nodes with different Cloudtrax firmware versions (4xx, 3xx, 5xx, 6xx) can not mesh together inside the same Cloudtrax network. You can check the firmware running on each node by following these steps:

  1. Access your Cloudtrax dashboard at this link.
  2. Click on Manage > Access Points
  3. Check if all the nodes have the same firmware version under the Version column. If you do not see that column, please unlock it by clicking the View Options button.

If there are nodes with different Cloudtrax firmware versions you can fix this problem by upgrading all the nodes with an old version to the latest version. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • OPTION 1:
    • Turn on all the nodes (those with the old firmware and those with the new firmware).
    • Connect at least one of the nodes with the old firmware to an Ethernet cable.
    • Enable the Automatic Upgrade (under Configure > Maintenance inside the Cloudtrax dashboard).
    • Select Duration 24 hours.
    • Click on Save Changes.
    • Wait for all the nodes to upgrade to the latest firmware (it can take up to 45 minutes).
    • Please don’t choose a firmware greater than firmware 6.2.12 and please remember to disable the Automatic Upgrade switch once the upgrade is completed.
  • OPTION 2:
    • Upgrade the nodes manually by following the instructions at this link.

The Cloudtrax dashboard is a very powerful tool to manage your Open Mesh Wi-Fi network. You can find all the guides of the Cloudtrax dashboard in the bottom left area of the login screen:


Accuware firmware

We are completely responsible of the Accuware firmware running on the nodes. All our firmware are tested for several months before being released, but please keep in mind that our firmware upgrades are never pushed automatically on production sites. For production sites, when an update is available or necessary, we schedule beforehand a proper time with the customer to push the update in order to minimize any possible discomfort. The updates are not frequent, and they are pushed remotely by our technical support team; the upgrade process takes between 15-45 minutes, depending on the the Internet connection and on the number of nodes installed on site.

Cloudtrax dashboard

This management dashboard is provided by Open Mesh and its maintenance and its proper functioning is not under our responsibility. We have never encountered any problem regarding the access to the Cloudtrax dashboard, but anyway keep in mind that even if the Cloudtrax dashboard is inaccessible (for any kind of reason), the entire mesh network will continue working smoothly sending reports to the Accuware server, because the Cloudtrax dashboard simply provides a convenient way to monitor and configure the Wi-Fi network of nodes used by Accuware and it is not involved in the trilateration of the locations of the Wi-Fi stations detected.

Cloud Vs Standalone technology

Cloud technology

The Accuware servers performance are very high because we rely on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we are able to scale the resources dynamically based on the number of nodes that need to be managed and the number of Wi-Fi devices that need to be tracked. This means that there are virtually no limits regarding the computational power that we can provide. Our suite of products (for indoor positioning, traffic analysis and proximity detection) based on the Open Mesh nodes has been launched in 2010 and we have not had down times, so far. The Amazon SLA is around 99,95% (click here to see details)

Even if the reliability of the AWS is high, please keep in mind that the overall performance of the solution in which our services is integrated is also influenced by:

  • the performances/reliability of the network that goes from your physical site (where the nodes are physically installed) to the Accuware server.
  • the performances/reliability of the network that goes from the location where the Accuware API are called to the Accuware server.

It is clear that the performances/reliability of these network are not under our control. This is one of the reasons you might be interested in the standalone installation of our technologies.

Security: if you have any concern about the security of our cloud services please read this article.

Standalone technology

The cloud version of the Accuware technologies is by far the most popular. Despite this, we have already several customers who are using the standalone version of the Accuware technologies:

  • it is the cheapest choice for projects with a duration greater than 3 years and a number of nodes greater than 200 nodes.
  • it allows to handle those the situations of poor performances/reliability of the network.
  • it allows to keep the data collected internally on your server allowing thus to address privacy and data security concerns of any kind even if, as explained above, our cloud based servers are secure and data is accessible only by authenticated users under HTTPS protocol as you can read inside this support page.

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