Here is an overview of all the steps that must be performed to setup your Smart Tags indoor:

  1. Plan the installation by verifying to have enough Wi-Fi access points in the ambient that will contain the Smart tags that you want to track.
  2. Choose a reference system that will be used to perform the fingerprinting process and to visualize the locations of the Smart tags.
  3. Perform the fingerprinting of the site by installing the Accuware Indoors App on an Android device. During the fingerprinting process the Accuware Indoors App will automatically scan and upload (to a database on the Accuware server) the fingerprints of the Wi-Fi access points collected at multiple known locations of your site.
  4. Configure your Smart Tags.

When active, the Smart Tags will collect the list of WiFi signals and RSS at the device’s current location and will send these data to the Wearabouts sever. After a pattern-matching against the database of fingerprints (created during the fingerprinting phase), the Accuware server will estimate the device’s location. The location of the device is made available by the Accuware server as pairs of time-stamped coordinates (latitude and longitude WGS84) and it can be:

  • visualized inside the Accuware dashboard.
  • integrated inside any web or mobile application capable of using RESTful API.

Get the most out of Wearabouts

In order to get the most out of this technology, please read carefully the whole documentation available in the left sidebar. If you have problems or doubts, please submit a support request using this form. We will be pleased to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of the Accuware technologies!